Degree Courses

The courses offered at Master degree

Faculty of Automatics
  • Automatics, Information and Control Engineering (in Bulgarian)
  • Embedded control systems (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Equipment (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Electricity from renewable energy (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Power Engineering and Power Machines
  • Nuclear Power Engineering (in Bulgarian)
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technologies (in Bulgarian)
  • Design and Technologies for Clothing and Textiles (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Thermal Power Engineering (in Bulgarian)
  • Energy Conversion Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Industry (in Bulgarian)
  • Technologies for utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Engineering and occupational safety
  • Gas Engineering and Management
Faculty of Industrial Technology
  • Digital Industrial Technologies (in Bulgarian)
  • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (in Bulgarian)
  • Engineering Ecology (in Bulgarian)
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Advanced Product Design Engineering (in Bulgarian)
  • Mechanical Engineering (in English and in Bulgarian)
  • Engineering Design (in Bulgarian)
  • Industrial Automation (in Bulgarian)
  • Logistics Engineering (in Bulgarian)
  • Machines and technologies in the pllastics industry (in Bulgarian)
  • Mechanical Engineering (in English and in Bulgarian)
  • Mechatronics (in Bulgarian)
  • Medical Engineering (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Metrology and Measurement Equipment (in Bulgarian)
  • Technical legislation and quality management (in Bulgarian)
  • Technical Safety of Work Equipment (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Technologies
  • Electronic systems for hybrid and electric cars (in Bulgarian)
  • Electronics (in Bulgarian)
  • Power Electronic Systems (in Bulgarian)
  • Microtechnologies and nanoengineering (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Telecommunications
  • Telecommunications (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Computer Systems and Technologies
  • Computer and Software Engineering (in Bulgarian)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (in English)
  • Computer Technologies and Applied Programming (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Transport
  • Aeronautical Engineering (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Transport Machinery and Technology (in Bulgarian)
  • Transport Technology And Management(in Bulgarian)
Faculty of Management
  • Industrial Management (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Business Administration (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Management of Electrical Power Supply (in Bulgarian)
  • Project management (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Management and business information systems in English (in Bulgarian and English)
  • Management in the Electric Power Sector
  • Senior Management (in Bulgarian and English)
Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • Applied Mathematics (in Bulgarian)
  • Big Data Analysis (in Bulgarian)
  • Informatics and Software Science (in Bulgarian)
Faculty of German Engineering Education and Industrial Management
  • Computer Systems and Technologies (in German)
  • Industrial Management (in German)
  • Business Administration (in German)
English Language Faculty of Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering (in English)
  • E-Management (in English)
  • Information technology for business management (in English)
French Language Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Communications – a two-year master's degree course (in French)
  • Electronics and Control Engineering – a two-year master's degree course (in French)
  • Electrical Engineering – a five-year master's degree course (in French) with 2 options:
    • Computer Science and Telecommunications
    • Electronics and Control Engineering

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