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Българска секция на IEEE най-учтиво Ви кани на:
Лекция на д-р Манфред Хорстман, вицепрезидент по технологичното развитие на GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Дрезден, Германия:
Differentiated Technology Solutions - Made by GLOBALFOUNDRIES Dresden
Събитието ще се състои във вторник  25.02.2020 от 11.00 часа  в Конферентната зала на Библиотечно-Информационния център. Събитието се организира от Българската секция на IEEE.
Поканени са студенти и преподаватели.

Резюме на лекцията:
The presentation gives an overview and outlook about GLOBALFOUNDRIES' and in particular Fab 1 Dresden's technology portfolio. Key words are 28nm and 22FDX and the integration of differentiated solutions (BCD, eNVM, HV, RF/mmWAVE) to these baseline technologies to serve customers in fast growing markets like display drivers for OLEDs, audio amplifiers for smartphones, security/chip cards or RF chips for 5G/Radar.
Manfred Horstmann studied physics at RWTH Aachen and received his PhD 1996 from RTWH Aachen/Research Center Jülich. He joined Advanced Micro Devices' development center 1997 in Sunnyvale, CA and served in multiple leadership functions in Technology and Development. When GLOBALFOUNDRIES was founded 2009 he was responsible for advanced CMOS devices in Fab 1 Dresden. From 2010 to 2013 he served as Technology Director for 28nm HKMG CMOS development and production ramp up. Since 2014 he formed as Sr. Director an integrated department consistent of Yield Engineering and CFM responsible for Yield Enhancement and Defect reduction. Since 2017 he is Vice President Technology & Integration and leads the Integration, Yield Engineering and  Metrology / CFM organisation in Dresden. He holds over 150 patents, 200 publications and serves as consultant and auditor for the Helmholtz Society.